Do you have drywall or cabinets in your house that were part of a water damage loss? If it’s a category one loss then this is the tool for you. The octi-dry system is used in tandem with blowers. When you have a category one water loss many times the water wicks up the walls. Think of your drywall like an oil lamp. As it comes in contact with water, the water damage travels up the walls. The great thing about the octi-dry is that you can save the drywall and cabinets from water damage without having to rip them out and replace them.

What your water damage professional can do is work with an octi-dry system. They will take the walls and make little holes that access your wall cavity. The system is then hooked up with little ports to blow air into the cavities. This air flow will dry the walls from both sides keeping you from needing costly replacement walls. Once this is done the walls can be patched instead of replaced and you can get back to normal.

So if you have a category one water damage loss, see if your water removal professional plans on using the octi-dry system. This system could save you lots of money in the long run.

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