Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping is a key process here at The Flood Team. It’s one of the first things we do when we show up at a water damage loss. Moisture mapping is important for insurance, billing, proper cleaning and checking our work.

Moisture mapping is a lot like it sounds. When a person has a water damage loss on their property we map out where the moisture is. We use specialty meters that the employees are trained on. They will take the meter and find where the source of the water loss is. Starting from the wet area they measure out to where they reach the dry standard. The dry standard is where the moisture level is stable in the house. All houses have some moisture in them naturally so finding the dry standard doesn’t mean finding no moisture, it means finding an acceptable level that is normal for the home.

Once they find the dry standard they continue moisture mapping around the entire perimeter of the water loss marking the area as they go. This creates a visual perimeter around the wet area with details about how wet each area is. Now a water damage professional can keep track in a map form of how the water damage has affected the building.

As the water damage professionals remove the water they will keep updating and measuring the moisture map. This way they can see as the areas get back to dry standard. This will make sure that your home is cleaned and dried properly. If you have a water loss make sure your water damage professional does a moisture map. It improves service and makes sure the work they do is quality.

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