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We tell our story with the understanding that things our not perfect in this world and life happens, life also happens to businesses and the people involved in them. We hope our story inspires people to never give up and peruse there dreams no matter what odds that come against them.

Romans 8:31

What,then,shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

1992 – A dream begins

The Great Flood 1993

Picture of flooding in St. Louis, 1993. Credit: Srenco Photography, used with permission.

Joe bought a full page yellow pages ad that came out that year, I guess you could say Joe had great timing when it came to starting a company that specialized in flood clean up. Joe was on the news and business was busy to say the least. But after the floods receded, Joe was not so sure business would be so booming.

1994-2005 – Calls continue

Well the phone kept ringing and little did Joe know at the time but people where experiencing this problem more than he could imagine, do to plumbing break downs and multiple other reasons. Joe handled thousands of water damage services through out St. Louis through out all the years. Also during this time period Joe’s son Tony became very involved working with his father and started running a lot of the operational work.

2006-2010 – Father and son join together

In 2006 Joe and Tony decided to re-brand the company together and start a true partnership. The Flood Team is born!



 2010 – The New Year’s Eve Miracle

Joe, Tony and Tony’s wife and there 6 month year old boy all survived a direct hit from EF4 tornado in Sunset Hills, MO on Dec 30, 2010. They survived by seeking shelter in the basement as the entire house ripped away. This event would change all of there lives forever.

2012 –  A Major Blow to the Company

In 2012  The Flood Team finds out that a key executive employee was stealing a significant amount of money from the company. Tony was in fear that the company may not be able to survive the major embezzlement. About the same time Tony finds out that his father Joe is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is given 6 months to live.  Joe encourages his son to keep going and fight his way out of the debt.

October 16, 2014 – The Flood Team founder passes on.

On October 16, 2014 Joe passed away after doctors giving him less than 6 months to live. Joe lived over 2 years longer than doctors gave him. But during the entire 2 years Joe inspired so many people with his love, humor, and positive attitude despite what he was facing. He never complained about his situation and wanted everyone to know he knew the lord.  2 Corinthians 5:8 “Absent from the body but present with the lord”

2014 –  A Legacy Continues



After taking his Dads advice Tony pushes forward and The Flood Team by 2014 was completely debt free and in a stronger position than it has been before.

The Flood of 2016

The Flood Team found themselves facing yet another challenge but these one didn’t stand a chance! With it’s business completely surrounded by water The Flood Team found itself in a situation that was challenging but oddly ironic. The Flood Team managed to quickly get themselves out of the flooding and get what they needed to start helping others. The Flood Team received hundreds of calls for help and was able to service a lot of people considering the circumstance.

Present Day – Our Story Continues

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The Flood Team of today is one of the areas leaders in water restoration. We have overcome a lot of obstacles that might have slowed us down, but it also has strengthen us and shaped the values of who we are today. We hope this story has inspired you to keep pushing forward no matter the odds. Be strong, be Flood Team strong, but remember our strength comes from the Lord.

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