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Become a Water Damage Specialist with The Flood Team

At The Flood Team we have developed a unique employment model that allows our flood restoration specialists to earn the best compensation in the industry while maintaining a great work-life balance!

How It Works


We provide our team with a fully-wrapped trailer equipped with all the essential water restoration equipment!


We instantly connect our team with leads through our app that they can choose to accept.


We pay our team between 40%-50% of every job completed!


Our easy to use Flood Team App helps our team scope jobs, document services performed, and get paid.


Get great reviews and make customers happy that earns you higher ratings to make more money!

The Benefits!

  • Be independent.
  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Create your own work schedule and enjoy freedom.
  • Build your own team!
  • Finance or buy your own Flood Team equipment to maximize money and autonomy.
  • Save up and buy territory to start your own Flood Team Franchise.
  • The possibilities are endless with The Flood Team!

Why the Flood Team?

Two of The Flood Team core values are “Ownership” and "Customer Experience". We want to attract the best for our team and give them the tools needed to be successful. Our goal is to give our team a path to grow, while creating a desirable work/life balance. Our employment model is built to attract top-industry professionals, which creates an overall better experience for our customers!


We are willing to send the right individuals to our partner’s IICRC
Flood Training Houses. This is hands-on training where real houses
are flooded with hundreds of gallons of water several times a year
and then dried with no mold or secondary damages to the
structure. Our Team will be trained on how to dry homes and
buildings for every scenario.

In order to be qualified you must have been through a IICRC
Applied Structural Drying Flood House Course!

Join Us
  • Background Check
  • Must be customer service orientated.
  • Must have and be willing to provide or lease a 3 quarter ton truck (No older than 5 years old in great condition).
  • Must own a reliable cell phone.
  • Must possess a proper and current driver’s license.
  • Must have never been convicted of a felony, or misdemeanor involving theft or stealing.
  • Must have a minimum certification from IICRC WRT, ASD

Not yet qualified for this role but certified or want to join as a Flood Team Tech? Join The Flood Team's Flood Force! We will connect you with one of our Mitigation Specialists and get you started on the path with The Flood Team.