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Sewage Backup

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Bacteria in sewage can be hazardous.

Sewer drain backups are a messy business. It’s important to have the right people to handle the situation with care to ensure the health of you and your loved ones. We use safe and organic powerful cleaning agents and equipment to eliminate moisture AND all bacteria. Above all else, your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we guarantee no project is finished until you sign off on it. Choose us for the restoration and sanitization of your property.


Types of sewage backup situations

  • Flow restrictions
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Clogs and damaged sewer lines

What to do, you ask?


Give us a call

Contact our water experts in this type of situation and we will walk you through the entire restoration process.


Stay out of the contaminated area

Bacteria in sewage can be hazardous. Its important to take care of the situation correctly and handle it with care.


We will sanitize & restore the situation

Our experts will get your property back up and running and provide you with any additional services that may be required.

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