Box Out

This week we want to talk about doing a box out. After speaking about cross contamination last week we thought we would expand upon that idea and talk about a box out. A box out is a service that many people don’t realize they need. They also don’t know that a lot of times a box out is covered by insurance.

So what is a box out? A box out is what it sounds like. If you have a water damage loss that involves contaminated water then you need all of your home goods removed, cleaned, and returned to a clean environment. The only way to properly move and clean the items in your house is to do a box out.

Every item in the contaminated area needs to be inventoried, needs to be evaluated to see if it can be saved, and needs to be packed correctly so that it is safe. A box out does this with the organization and safety of your items in mind. Each box should contain a list of the items in them and be cleaned properly. Your items need to be cleaned with an industrial cleaner and then repacked in a clean box. This prevents cross contamination and makes sure that your items are safe and accounted for.

If you have a water damage loss ask your water damage professional if a box out is something that you need and see if it will be covered by insurance.

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