Extreme Extraction

Extreme extraction is one of the many services we offer. Though water extraction has always been something we offer, extreme extraction is a little bit newer.

If you’ve ever had your carpets cleaned or dealt with water damage then you’ve probably seen what a standard extraction machine looks like. It looks kind of like a shop-vac with a big, hand-held wand that is used to suck up water. These extraction machines work well and are still a part of The Flood Team’s day to day operation, but extreme extraction takes your water removal to a whole new level.

The extreme extraction machine operates a little differently than a regular extraction machine and the results are better. The main difference is that the extreme extraction machine uses lots of weight. When we use extreme extractors there is actually a service provider using their body weight to make the machine work. This may seem a little odd, but the proof is in the results. An extreme extraction machine can remove up to 90% of the water from your carpet and pad.

What does 90% water removal mean to you? It means that we can fix your water damage loss without having to tear up your carpet. We can usually keep your carpet and pad where it is and remove the water faster than if we had to lift it up to dry it. This means quicker drying and less time spent in your home. Less time spent also means a lower bill.

Not all jobs require an extreme extraction machine be used, but this could be a money saving way to get your home back to a pre-water loss condition. So if you have a water damage loss that effects your carpeted floors ask your water removal professional about extreme extraction.

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