Kansas City Spring Tips to Prevent Water Damage Repairs

Spring is in the Kansas City air, and “April showers bring May flowers” couldn’t be more accurate in our area. Beginning in spring, we experience the heaviest rainfall from April to September. As a result, basement flooding can be disastrous to many homes this season, with record rains above the national average, at 40 inches annually. Experts in the area say that heavy rain and ineffective gutters cause rainwater to pool near properties and begin to seep into basements, potentially causing significant damage to your home foundation, structure, and belongings. 

Also, Kansas City has 2,800 miles of sewer mains–some decades old–making sewer backups and sump pump failures more likely after heavy rains. 

The bottom line? 

Protecting your home should be at the top of your “spring cleaning” agenda. Here are some helpful tips to keep water damage repair off your list this spring:

 Clean your gutters and downspouts

Clean Gutters & Downspouts

  • Since a common cause for water damage repair includes clogged gutters, inspecting and cleaning out gutters and downspouts is essential, particularly in spring and summer, heavier rainfall months. Without efficient flow away from your property, water can pool around your property, creating indoor floods, especially within your basement. 


Inspect and Repair Pipes & Appliances

  • Leaky or burst pipes and appliance malfunction can also be a problem, so include inspecting pipes under sinks and appliance water hoses in spring cleaning. Should you detect leaky or burst pipes, immediately repairing them can spare you damage, loss, and mounting expenses later.


Check roof shingles

Check Roof Shingles 

  • Check for loose roof shingles often, as this can result in water seeping into your home through your roof during or shortly following heavy downpours.


Monitor Water Bill

  • Take any unexpected spikes in water bills seriously. This may indicate that you have an undetected leak somewhere that must be addressed quickly. Not only will this save you on your water bill, but it can potentially spare you massive water damage if the cause is a leak or burst pipe. 


Become familiar with your water main

Find Water Main

  • Lastly, locating and learning how to shut off your property’s water main is very important. The water main is the main turn-off valve for water entering your home, often located straight towards the house from the outdoor water meter. If you need to turn off the water quickly in case of a burst pipe, familiarizing yourself with its location and operation can significantly decrease water intrusion loss and damage expenses!

Still, despite your best spring-securing and cleaning efforts, we recognize that, at times, water damage emergencies can’t be avoided. When this is the case, number 1, act FAST! The Flood Team is stocked and ready to work on drying and cleaning your basement quickly. We understand that time is of the essence, so call us first, even before contacting your insurance agent. We’ll serve as your insurance allies should a claim need filing. 

No need to worry about long wait times when you call, either. You will be connected quickly and promptly notified who will be on their way. Kansas City Flood Team will come out for a free evaluation with a restoration trailer equipped with the best drying and cleaning equipment to get to work immediately. We are your spring cleaning, water damage repair experts this spring! Call us today!

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