Commercial Water Removal

Today we are going to talk about commercial water removal. Flooding and mold can happen to anyone. Living in a modern society with so much plumbing is a major cause, and though it can happen to everyone not all flooding is the same. As we discussed in an earlier blog post there are different categories of water damage, but there is also another factor that determines how the water removal will happen. This other factor is size.

Big jobs are not the same as small jobs. They require more equipment, a better grasp of psychrometry, and lots of time. Not all companies are capable of handling commercial water removal. Most of these companies do good work and will want to help, but because they don’t have enough equipment and people the water damage will degrade to a worse category. When this happens it means more water damage loss for your building because the water has become toxic.

So if you have commercial water damage make sure you hire a company with enough equipment and manpower to do the job. And always find a company that is IICRC certified. This will make sure that your commercial water removal is done correctly and effectively.

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