Fall is Here

So maybe it’s not quite fall yet, but here at The Flood Team we want you to be for the upcoming changes of the seasons. A lot of water damage happens because of this change. Here are some tips so you can avoid a costly water damage loss.

The first one is to make sure you drain your pipes that are located in non insulated areas. What does this mean? Basically, if you have pipes that are in a non climate controlled area you should make sure all the water is removed from it. As it gets colder the water sitting in those pipes expands. When that happens if there is not place for that water to go your pipe breaks. Then you have an expensive problem on your hands.

Our second tip is related to the first but is a reminder. If you have an automatic lawn sprinkler system then you need to have those flushed soon too. If these pipes freeze they will break. The worst part is that you won’t know till next summer when you go to use them. Instead of spending your hard earned money on summer fun, you’re spending it on fixing sprinklers.

Another thing to be careful of is moisture in your basement or home. The coming time of year can be humid and cool. This is a great environment for mold to grow in. We see a lot of mold damage in our line of work. If you have mold, in order to make sure it’s safe most of the affected area will have to be removed. This is costly and stressful. In order to make sure this isn’t a problem in your home get a simple dehumidifier for your basement.

Well that’s all for us today. We hope you have a happy fall, and remember if you see something call a professional. Better to get it early before it gets costly.

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