Electrical Safety and Water Losses

When you have a water loss in your house electrical systems are bound to be involved. Water is a natural conductor of electricity so safety precautions must be followed. If you have a water loss it is best to stay out of the affected area. Also, don’t touch or unplug any electrical equipment that is plugged in within the area affected by the loss.

When your water loss professional visits the home electrical issues can be tricky. In order to properly remove the water from your home the remediator will need to use fans and other electrical equipment. General guidelines need to be followed. All equipment should be hooked up and run from outlets that are not affected by the water loss. On top of that equipment should be hooked up to GFI outlets. GFI outlets make sure that if there is a leakage of power between the hot wire and the ground wire the circuit will trip stopping there from being the possibility of a shock.

Make sure your water cleanup professional does not attempt to bypass safety systems installed in your home. If water has run through or is sitting in an electrical connection it is important to make sure an electrician is called. Electricians are trained to make sure your home is safe in these situations.

Never gamble with your home or family when it comes to electrical issues. Make sure to use licensed professionals for all your water restoration services.

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