We’re the fastest company around at getting you a bid. If you have us come out and do a free estimate, we’re going to create an accurate estimate faster than any other company we’ve encountered. Why is this? The Flood Team Management System.

What is The Flood Team Management System? It is our own proprietary software that helps us interact with clients. It quickly creates customer bids, it keeps track of all photos and documents relating to your water loss, it organizes everyone who has done work on your property, and it does it all in real time. The Flood Team Management System organizes everything relating to your water loss into an easy to use, accessible program.

One of the best features of The Flood Team Management System is that everything is online. It’s private and secure, with little to no paper waste. The Flood Team is environmentally conscious and not creating any paper waste is a big way we help the planet. During water remediation work we try not to throw out items and try to fix things without having to replace them. The Flood Team Management System falls in line with our desire to have a smaller environmental footprint.

When you use The Flood Team Management System there are no surprises. We give you instant access to the same information our trained professionals have. Since you have access to the same information as everyone working on the job you can remain informed and in control. We want you to get your life back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. Knowing what is going on and your next step helps everyone. A well informed customer is more likely to be less stressed. We know we can’t keep water damage from existing, but with The Flood Team Management System, at least we can relieve the stress and worry.

Our goal is to help people, and The Flood Team Management System is one of the most important tools in our arsenal to help us achieve that goal.