How To Know When To Call The Experts On Water Damage Repair

Have you noticed some water damage in or around your home? Are you unsure of what to do with the damage that you’ve noticed?

Finding water damage in your home can be a terrifying experience. If left too long, the stagnant water can start growing mold, making it almost impossible to fix.

Luckily, there are water damage repair companies that can help. It will take a team of certified restoration specialists to get your home back to a spotless condition.

See below for several signs that it’s time for you to reach out to a professional water damage repair company.

1. Brown Spots on Your Ceiling

Perhaps you’ve noticed a brown spot on your white ceiling lately. You might be tempted to shrug it off or are wondering if it’s always been there but you’ve never noticed. It hasn’t.

The brown spot is a result of leaking water. That leaking water could be coming from your roof, a pipe, or some other area as well.

If left untouched, the water will just continue to worsen. Over time, you will notice that your ceiling starts to sag. This is a sign that the water damage has sabotaged the structure of your ceiling.

In time, that sagging ceiling will pop like a bubble, dropping all the built-up water on whatever sits below. Don’t ignore it any longer! Call a water damage restoration team to help get your home back into optimal shape.

2. Foul Odor

Are you catching a whiff of a foul smell when you walk past a certain area of your home? If so, it could be a glaring sign that you have water damage somewhere in your house.

There might be a leaking pipe within the walls, floors, or ceiling that has caused water damage and is now starting to grow mold in your walls.

For those of you unfamiliar with the smell, it has the scent of leaving a wet rag in a confined space, similar to leaving clothes in the laundry for too long. It’s a musty smell that has a sharp, indistinguishable smell to it.

The odor is caused by the stagnant water in a confined space. Places like your walls, crawl spaces, and floors lock in the moisture with nowhere for it to escape. The result is a rapid growth of bacteria and mold.

Even if you can’t identify where the smell is coming from, be sure to contact a restoration specialist right away. They have the experience, tools, and know-how to locate the water damage and will give you different treatment options on their services.

3. Your Carpet is Damp/Wet

If you take a step on your carpet and notice that your feet or socks are getting wet, it’s a sign that you have water damage below.

Water damage is difficult enough to clean, but even more so on carpet. The water gets into the fibers of the carpet and permeates all the material. If your carpet is wet to the touch, it means the water has seeped up through the pad of the carpet.

It can be hard to get out of the previously-mentioned smell of must. Fortunately, a water restoration company can get your entire carpet back to its original glory.

They can work with you (the customer), your preferred plumbing service, and your insurance company to get everything back in order. Not only will the problem and damaged be fixed in one fell swoop, it will appear as if nothing ever happened!

4. Distorted Floors

Have you noticed that your floors have become uneven? Perhaps it appears as if, almost overnight, your floors have become drastically distorted.

Some flooring materials will take longer to show than others. With hardwood flooring, vinyl, or laminate flooring, you’ll be able to tell almost right away.

If the floor has already warped, it means there’s a build-up of water and humidity underneath. This will lead to mold growth (if it hasn’t started already) and will only continue to worsen the conditions of your floor.

5. Flooded Basement

One of the most horrifying experiences as a homeowner is walking down your basement and finding it covered in inches of water.

Be sure to reach out to a water restoration company right away. They can help you get rid of all the water and begin to recover all of your losses.

They can also check for further damage from the flood such as cracks in the foundation or damage to all of your belongings.

6. Stagnant Water

If you notice stagnant (standing) water anywhere in your home, then shut the water supply off and contact a professional water restoration service, as well as a plumber.

The standing water is a sign that you have a leaking pipe, which will only continue to worsen and thus cause further damage.

The professional restoration company will be able to get out to your property and begin treatment right away. Their promptness can prevent mold from forming and help you get your property back on track. Don’t ignore the signs.

Contact a Water Damage Repair Service for Your Needs Today

Now that you’ve seen several signs that you need to contact a water damage repair service, be sure to do so as quickly as possible.

If you’ve never experienced a water restoration process before, be sure to read this article for more information on what the restoration process looks like.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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