Electrical safety is so important when dealing with a water loss. It is involved in every water loss we deal with. Understanding the safety involved with electricity will help ensure that you get through a water loss with minimal risks.

The main thing that we worry about with electricity when water is present in your home is shock or electrocution. Water is a great conductor for electricity and if a live wire comes into contact with water it will charge the water. So if a family member comes into contact with this water they have the potential to get hurt.

The great thing about modern electricity is that a lot of safety is built right into your home. Newer build or renovated homes will most likely have GFI outlets. GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter. These outlets are designed to interrupt power if there is a leakage of power between the hot wire and the ground wire. When water comes into contact with these outlets it conducts electricity between the wires and the GFI then shuts off.

If you have a water loss the first thing to remember is to stay out of the area. In our modern society there are wires running everywhere. The best way to keep from getting hurt is to call a water remediation company and an electrician. They can test to see if the standing water is a shock hazard.

The water remediation company working in your home should already have standards in place for electrical safety. They’ll make sure that the proper circuits are turned off and if necessary that a generator is being used instead of your power. They should also have standards in place for the equipment they are using. Water restoration equipment can draw a lot of power so it is important that they use the correct extension cords an grounded wires to make sure that they don’t cause a fire. If you have a water restoration company working on your home and smell burning make sure to contact them immediately. Fire should not be an issue but make sure you have a plan in place for how to deal with potential disasters.

Electrical safety should be easy to maintain if you keep the affected areas clear of people while the work is being done. A good water restoration company will keep a clean work space for drying and further damage should not be an issue. Don’t be afraid to ask your water restoration company about their plan for electrical safety. Remember it’s your home, and keeping it safe should be the primary goal.