Drying a crawlspace has special challenges. Because crawlspaces tend to be low and have no power they can be hard to dry. It is also usually a pretty dirty job.

One of the biggest issues that we run into when dealing with crawlspaces is access. Not all crawlspaces have entrances, or they are not sufficient for the work we need to do. This means an access point will have to be created, and usually this access point should be inside the home. The best option for creating an access point to your crawlspace is by opening a hole in a closet. Your water damage professional should make sure that the access point is protected otherwise it can easily become a fall hazard. The other major problem with creating an access point inside the home is the flow of air from the wet crawlspace to the inside of your home. Proper protection should be put in place to keep air from flowing into your home from the crawlspace.

We may need to dry a crawlspace because the bottom layer of materials that make up your house is wet. If these areas sit too long with the above average moisture from water damage then they will start to lose their strength, putting your home in serious danger.

The soil located under you house in the crawlspace can hold a lot of water. This is a special problem for water cleanup professionals. The dirt under your home will release the water into the atmosphere very quickly when trying to dry out a crawlspace. When it does this the humidifiers that your water professional is using may not be able to take in that much moisture at the same time. So the water that was in the soil has evaporated into the air and condensed onto the structures of your home. This is exactly what we don’t want to happen. The effect is creating more water damage. So we need to make sure that while we are evaporating water that our dehumidifying system can collect and remove that same amount of water.

On top of all of this, removing water from structural materials and concrete is tough. They require more air flow and evaporation potential to remove the water. This challenge takes a good knowledge of water removal and drying. Working with all the different materials in a tight space is not an easy thing to do.

If you have a crawlspace that needs drying in order to keep your home safe, make sure to get a professional. This is not the job for an unlicensed company. The people working on this kind of project need to know what they are doing in order to keep your home safe from more damage. Never be afraid to ask your water professional for references, licensing and proof of insurance. These basic precautions will help ensure that your home will be cleaned safely and properly.