Antimicrobial Application

Antimicrobials are an important step to any mold or water remediation. Using an antimicrobial does not count as mold remediation on its own. This is why just using bleach won’t fix your mold problem. Antimicrobial must be used in conjuncture with removal of the source issue. All contaminated materials must be removed before the use of an antimicrobial because antimicrobial only works effectively against the surfaces that it touches.

Since antimicrobials kill organic materials there is always a concern that they are not safe to use. If used properly they can safely and effectively get rid of mold and bacteria. Some can cause health risks. In order to make sure that people are not hurt by the antimicrobial it is important that your water remediation specialist wears personal protective equipment and that you stay out of the area. Some chemicals may force you to be evacuated from the area and others might require that the water remediation specialist clean up the product after application.

To ensure safety antimicrobials must be used in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer. Failure to do this could result in injury and may cause the antimicrobial to be ineffective.

There are a few guidelines that are pretty standard that you should make sure your water damage specialist follows.

  • They should not be using an aerosol, these products tend to be ineffective and are quite often dangerous.
  • If there is sewage or mold on porous materials, using an antimicrobial does not work. These materials, like carpet and drywall, must be removed.
  • Your professional should explain all dangers and rules to you. If you don’t, then they are not doing their job properly.
  • Lastly, while the effected area is being cleaned or drying, it is best to keep family out. Wait to use the space until the specialist gives you the go ahead.

Antimicrobials can be very effective when dealing with a water damage loss. Just remember to follow the rules and always read the manufacturers instructions.

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