A Message to Our Customers Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The Flood Team understands that the situation with COVID-19 is a very stressful time and the last thing anybody wants is water damage to top it off. We understand there are concerns about people coming into their home or property and whether or not to wait for repairs. We are considered an essential business during these times because in most cases, these types of emergencies cannot wait. We understand that these times are very stressful and we are going to be open and prepared to help in any way possible during this crisis. Here are just SOME of the preventive measures we are taking to help prevent the spread and keep our customers and team members safe.

#1 PPE

The Flood Team staff is equipped with the proper PPE to keep our team members and customers safe. We will wear disposable PPE: including masks, booties, & gloves from start to finish of any project.

#2 Containment

We will use containment techniques that limit the exposure to your living space. We lay plastic at key entry and exit points throughout the house, and in some cases, we contain or close off affected rooms by creating temporary plastic containment walls.

#3 Disinfecting

We are trained in using powerful disinfectants that are featured on the CDC website. We will disinfect all areas we work in to ensure the safety of ALL of our team members and customers.

#4 Working Remotely

All Flood Team workers are working remotely through our digital applications and mobile trailers. Our workers have been advised to follow strict guidelines to stay at home unless service is requested.

#5 Social Distancing & Online Capabilities

Our Team has been instructed to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines of 6 feet distances. We will communicate in most cases via phone and text messaging to eliminate face to face interactions. Additionally, we will perform digital evaluations by video calls and/or text pictures, so we can give estimated scopes of work and have a solid game plan before starting any project. This eliminates the amount of communication during work. We will also start the claims processes remotely with you through our application to ensure everything is documented and all parties can review agreements in real-time.

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