The Flood Team Responds to Hurricane Ida

Ida’s Impact on New Orleans

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Port Fourchon, Louisiana just before noon on Sunday August 29th, 2021. With sustained winds of 150 mph, it tied for the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever hit on U.S. land. While the storm had moved on by the following afternoon, Ida left a wake of destruction across the New Orleans area, including widespread flooding and water damage. Citizens and service providers wasted no time getting to work on cleanup efforts and damage repair – a task that has continued well into September with no end in sight. Joining these efforts was the Flood Team, a Missouri-based water restoration company.

How the Flood Team Is Helping in Louisiana

Flood Team units from Kansas City and Maryland have traveled to Louisiana to assist residents and businesses who are experiencing water damage to their property. As certified experts in water mitigation and flood remediation, we help with professional water removal and drying services in both residential and commercial properties. These services are essential for keeping people safe in their homes and businesses after a flood. Water damage can be destructive and can lead to problems with mold. Mold can cause symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing, coughing, and red/itchy eyes or skin. Left unchecked, it can cause even more serious respiratory infections. That’s why it is essential to properly clean up after a flood, and why we’re working hard to help as many people impacted by Hurricane Ida as possible.

Says Tony Tumminia, CEO of The Flood Team, “Because the Flood Team is such a mobile type of business, we can go where we’re needed – whether that’s 5 miles around the corner or 500 miles across the country. When big events like hurricanes and floods happen, the magnitude of it all can be overwhelming for all kinds of local services, water remediation included. There often just aren’t enough people and equipment to handle it all at that kind of scale. Fast response is critical in times like these, and we’re glad to be able to hit the road and help out when it matters the most.”

No matter how serious or small the problem is, The Flood Team is available 24/7 to assist storm-damaged communities with their water problems. From burst pipes and sewage backups to flooding from heavy rain and storm systems, we’re your best bet when things get wet.

The Flood Team will be in New Orleans through September and into October 2021. If you are experiencing water damage in your New Orleans-area home or business, contact us at 504-285-4117 for a free, immediate quote. Click here for more information on our services. 

For information on bringing the Flood Team to your local area, please contact us. Contractor and franchise opportunities are available.

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