Why We Always Extract Carpet and Pad

When you have a water damage loss involving carpeted floors you need to think of it less like carpet and more like a swimming pool. A carpeted floor can hold a lot of water.

Imagine you wanted to remove all the water from you swimming pool. How would you start? You wouldn’t start by putting some fans around your pool and hoping the air movement would evaporate all the water. This would be crazy. The same thing can be said about your carpet and pad. Due to the large quantity of water it can hold you have to get most of the water out first, then you can blow dry the rest.

An extraction machine is much like pulling the plug on your pool. Our extraction machines remove about 97% of the water in your carpet. This is very important so that we can salvage the carpet and pad. Otherwise, with how long it would take to remove the water if you only used fans your carpet would be ruined by mold and other pathogens.

Fans are an important part of removing the remaining water from your floor, but it should not be the only tool used. If you are dealing with a water damage professional who doesn’t recommend extracting water from your carpet and pad make sure they have a good reason. It is possible that extraction is not necessary, but not very likely.

At The Flood Team, we always extract your carpet and pad… and now you know why.

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