The Essential Flooded Basement Guide

Basement Wet? No sweat! You’ve purchased your home sweet home with a bonus basement. It’s where you plan to lounge as a family, furnish a guest room or in-law suite, or simply have extra space to work or retreat. But one day, a climb down basement steps leads to a humid surprise and a sight […]

Water Damage Recovery: A Restoration Timeline

Every homeowner faces challenges. One of the most challenging things you can face is water damage to your home. This type of damage can leave you with a host of repairs that can cost you a lot of money. To make matters worse you may also find that water damage leads to health issues that […]

Identifying Common Types of Household Mold

The Unexpected Threat to Your Healthy Home No matter the season, everyone’s most unwanted guest loves to make a surprise appearance in your home–mold. Mold comes in all different shapes, sizes, and hues. However, unlike most household disasters, mold can creep up in some of the most unpredictable places and cause significant damage to your […]

Antimicrobial Application

Antimicrobials are an important step to any mold or water remediation. Using an antimicrobial does not count as mold remediation on its own. This is why just using bleach won’t fix your mold problem. Antimicrobial must be used in conjuncture with removal of the source issue. All contaminated materials must be removed before the use […]