Water Loss Related Injury

Do you know what the number one water damage related injury we see is? Slip and fall. It may sound silly, but in moving from a dry to wet area the slipperiness of the floor changes. Though a change in slipperiness is something that we can usually navigate, sometimes gravity gets the better of us. A thin layer of water can often act like ice. Think of how difficult it can be when you step from a dry area on to a patch of ice, and this is very akin to what low water flooded areas are like. Very unstable. When this happens it is very easy to lose your balance and end up with a trip to the E.R.

The best thing to do is stay out of the area and call professionals for help. Unless it is absolutely necessary you should stay out of the flooded area. On top of slip and fall it is very likely that the water you will come into contact with will have bacteria or viruses in it. These contaminants are no joking matter. To top it all off, water is a great conductor. If your water loss is in contact with electricity in any way it will charge the water causing electrocution.

There is no need to put your self at risk when professionals are available. It is always free to have The Flood Team come out and give you the proper information about what is going on. If The Flood Team is not in your area call your local water remediation specialist and request a free quote. A water remediation specialist can give you a scope of the damage done, the cost to repair, and the safety precautions to watch out for.

Be safe!

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