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Call us first and we will file a claim with your insurance for you. As water damage claims experts, we can help make sure your water damage disaster is covered.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We called The Flood Team based upon a recommendation from a family friend, and I am so glad I did. Steve helped me from start to finish and put me at ease during the entire process. He was incredible to work with, was transparent and extremely through. I would unequivocally recommend Steve and The Flood Team to anyone!
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The response time from the Flood Team was great. I have had two separate issues a couple of years apart and both times they were out the same day. On the more severe of the two issues they began working within a few hours of my first call to them.
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He went above and beyond to help me during a stressful time, and the worker who pulled up the carpet was very friendly, too. I hope that I won't need them again, but I will call the Flood Team if I ever have issues like this again.
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Blake and his crew were great to work with! They were so responsive and collaborated with insurance to minimize our out-of-pocket expenses for the flooding disaster at our property. It is such a relief to find a team of such competent professionals in a time of need!
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I highly recommend using the Flood Team. I have used other water remediation companies in the past and there is no comparison. They were available 24/7 to answer any questions and were prompt at getting to my house
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I can’t state enough positive information about this outstanding company. They are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, understanding, companionate, and above all my #1 choice if the need arises. I would HIGHLY recommend this company if ever the need.

We Are the Commercial Cleaning & Drying Experts in Houston

A quick response time is essential when your commercial property has faced water intrusion, which can rapidly lead to damage, both seen and unseen. Whether due to a water main break, fire sprinkler break, frozen pipe burst, storm-related flooding, or sprinkler alarm water damage, The Flood Team is ready to step in swiftly to effectively dry, clean, and restore your workspace. 

Our story began in St. Louis over 30 years ago. Today, we remain the leading water remediation team in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Many commercial, industrial, and professional businesses have trusted The Flood Team to help their space return to working order after a water emergency. Call us today so The Flood Team can serve you next. 

Limit Interruption to Your Business Operations

We understand that the issues water damage creates to your commercial property may involve interruptions to business. This can strain you, your business stakeholders, customers, and employees, so we have the professional manpower, knowledge base, and highly-skilled team to rapidly restore your property as quickly as possible.

The Flood Team is available 24/7 to provide a free assessment to start drying, cleaning, and restoring your commercial space fast. A quick response will reduce damage and help eliminate further delays to your business operations. You can expect exceptional, compassionate, seamless, and effective service so you can move forward with ease and peace of mind.

Call The Flood Team for your free water damage assessment, so our specialist can service your Houston commercial property today.

We’re your best bet when things get wet. Call today. 

Mold Prevention & Removal

The dangers caused by undetected water can lead to fast-growing mold. In 48-72 hours, if water is left unaddressed by The Flood Team experts, mold can grow and spread wildly. Using the most powerful water extraction tools, we can help you avoid widespread mold growth or stop it in its “thriving” tracks. In the process, we protect the workspace and contents to ensure no further damage. As a preventative measure, we apply plant-based antimicrobials whenever needed. Should The Flood Team detect mold, our mold removal process will address it from the source. Besides, microscopic mold spores in the air can wreak havoc on your health and that of your employees and customers. This is precisely why The Flood Team is trained to act and act fast, 24/7. We know time is of the essence, so call us today to get started right away.


No Disaster Too Big or Small

Over our 30 years of service, beginning in St. Louis, we’ve successfully addressed significant water damage to business and commercial spaces. Some required emergency specialty drying, professional clean-up, mold removal, and restoration, for which The Flood Team is trained, certified, and equipped with advanced technology and seamless processes to resolve.

The Flood Team helps businesses move forward after water damage with speed and ease. Our FAST & FREE dispatching quickly connects you directly with a certified specialist who will have boots on the ground in no time. The Flood Team specialist will provide a free estimate and evaluation and communicate a comprehensive, seamless plan to ensure you’re all set after things get wet.

We look forward to serving you next! Call us today for your FREE evaluation, and let us get you back to business fast. 

Ready For Professional Commercial Water Damage Repair?

Why We’re Your Best Bet

The Flood Team has trained and equipped service professionals in Houston who are knowledgeable, skilled, and who provide compassionate service during a stressful time. We are prepared with the best extraction equipment, all packaged in our restoration trailers stocked with everything needed to begin work fast. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment to detect and dry water intrusion, even in unseen spaces, mold won’t have a fighting chance. We aim to prevent mold and restore your property quickly so you do not incur costly damages, further impacting your business’s bottom line.

We stand by our people and our process with a guarantee you will be satisfied with a dry and clean workspace. Should additional restoration be required, we have a certified network of top-rated restoration experts to bring your business back to tip-top shape as fast as possible. Call us today. We’ll work until you’re all set after things get wet.