The Ultimate Water Damage Repair Guide

The Ultimate Water Damage Repair Guide We know water is vital to our survival. Three days is the most any person can live before experiencing life-threatening dehydration. Still, water can also harm our homes or workspaces in emergency situations. Water damage is the type of water you can certainly live without. No one can live […]

Commercial Water Damage

The Advanced Guide To Commercial Water Damage When Water and Work Don’t Mix, Call a Remediation Specialist for the Fix Unless you’re Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, or even a professional fisherman, water and work simply don’t mix. Here’s why! When your commercial space is suddenly hit with water damage, no matter the cause, it […]

The Essential Flooded Basement Guide

Basement Wet? No Sweat! You’ve purchased your home sweet home with a bonus basement. It’s where you plan to lounge as a family, furnish a guest room or in-law suite, or simply have extra space to work or retreat. But one day, a climb down basement steps leads to a humid surprise and a sight […]

Are Your Household Appliances Causing Your Home Water Damage?

The Slippery Slope of Home Water Damage When most people think of water damage, they think of acts of nature like storms and flooding, but there are many more sources that can cause problems in your home. Water damage to your home can cause many serious issues if not properly taken care of including structural […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage? What You Need to Know

Did you know that 1 in 50 homeowners submit water damage claims every year? Winter storms alone caused an estimated $71 billion in insurance losses in 2019. So, that begs the question: does homeowners insurance cover water damage? The source of the damage in your home could result in a denial from your insurance company. […]

The Water Damage Survival Guide

Water, water everywhere, and all the boards do shrink. Water damage can happen at any time. Many people think that a hurricane or a flood is the cause of most damage. But most damage from water comes from leaks in pipes and blocked gutters. Water can soak through wood, plastic, and enamel. It can spread […]

Water Damage Recovery: A Restoration Timeline

Every homeowner faces challenges. One of the most challenging things you can face is water damage to your home. This type of damage can leave you with a host of repairs that can cost you a lot of money. To make matters worse you may also find that water damage leads to health issues that […]

The Fundamentals of Drying

Drying your home after a water damage loss can be difficult. It takes attention to detail and a scientific approach. But drying can become less difficult when you remember four items that effect the quality of your drying environment. The drying environment is the established area that you are trying to dry. These four points […]

What IICRC Training Means for You

Today we’re going to discuss what IICRC training means for you. As a customer it is important to make sure that you work with a qualified professional. In order to do this a training standard must be set. This standard is set by the IICRC. Working with an IICRC certified technician helps make sure the […]