Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage? What You Need to Know

Did you know that 1 in 50 homeowners submit water damage claims every year? Winter storms alone caused an estimated $71 billion in insurance losses in 2019. So, that begs the question: does homeowners insurance cover water damage? The source of the damage in your home could result in a denial from your insurance company. […]

What to Expect During the Home Water Damage Restoration Process

Water can create quite the drama. That simple substance so critical to life can damage a home in a matter of minutes. Insurance companies nation-wide understand what water in the wrong place does to a home—1 in 50 insured clients file water damage claims every year! When your home is faced with a water damage situation, […]

Your Water Damage Bill

Having to deal with water damage in your home can be stressful, but understanding you water damage bill can be downright scary. Lots of line item charges that don’t seem to make sense and costs that come from nowhere can make a trying situation unbearable. Not to worry, we’re here to help you understand your […]