Galaxy TabThe Flood Team is moving into the new century. We always pride ourselves on being in the forefront of technology so we’re happy to announce some more advancements. We had been using a few tablets to run our specially made management system, and we loved the results so much that we got some more. Now our technicians can conquer the world give all our customers a high-tech, very visual approach to water mitigation. Our customers are now highly informed and get to see everything on these awesome tablets.

I had not used the galaxy tab before we got them the other day, and I can’t say enough good about them. The screen is the best thing ever invented so crisp and clear! Plus they changed the keypad layout so that the numbers show up just where you think they should be. And, since we have people signing documents with the tablet, it’s great to have a highly responsive stylus included. The stylus tells you where you’re going to touch on the screen before it happens, how cool is that?

Very cool stuff. check out if you want to see learn more about the new tablets.