Refer A Flood In 3 Easy Steps

Leaving the home of a client who has been affected by water damage is a hard thing to do as a plumber. You’ve fixed the source of damage, but what can you do to help after that? With just 3 easy steps, you can use the Refer-A-Flood app to help a customer in need and make $300 for yourself! Keep reading to see for yourself why this app is the best way to help your business and customers in need.

Download the App

The first step is one you’ve done many times before — pull out your smartphones, go to the app store, and download the Refer-A-Flood app, & create your account. This is where you can manage your job referrals and benefits! Once you complete this step, you’re on your way to happier customers and more change in your wallet.

Offer the Client a Free Water Damage Evaluation

We know you want to help your clients… we do too! After you’ve taken on or completed a job, let your customer know that you can get them a free water damage evaluation from The Flood Team if they’re interested. We have the tools and expertise needed to assess and control the water damage from sewer backups, drain overflows, pipe breaks, roof leaks, & natural disaster flooding.

If they are interested, refer them & get $300!

Once your customer has given you the thumbs up for a referral, just enter their information in the app and hit “Send”! We’ll handle everything from there. Once the job is officially booked by us, you’ll instantly get $300 transferred to your account through the app.

In just these three easy steps, you can refer any type of water damage you encounter. With Refer-A-Flood, you can send a job from anywhere in seconds. You can also track the status of your referrals 24/7 and get instant notifications as things unfold. Together, we can repair home damage and create lifelong partnerships.

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