Sewer backups contain dangerous bacteria, parasites and over a 120 different viruses that can cause illness. A common misconception when it comes to sewer backups is that regular household cleaning supplies like bleach will completely sanitize your property. The truth is they don’t work. This is not something you should try and tackle on your own!

Our proven sewer back up clean up process ensures it’s done right, Guaranteed!



Step 1: Free Evaluation 

The Flood Team offers 24/7 Free Evaluations. The Flood Team will come to your property with advanced moisture meters and evaluate the water damage. We will put together a detailed scope and also help determine if the job is insurance claim worthy if it is we will can start a claim for you and can bill directly to insurance company.



Step 2 Content Protection, Assessment, Cleaning, Inventory and Restoration

To prevent further damage and cross contamination to your property and valuable content we make sure everything is properly protected first. We will also clean, inventory and box up  any valuable content that could be at risk of being damaged. We will also inventory and remove any affected items that have been affected and cannot be salvaged.



Step 3: Sewage and Water Removal

 The Flood Team’s powerful sewage extraction equipment removes all the contaminated sewage water and our top of the line extraction tools make sure all sewer back up contaminates are removed from the proper safely and correctly.



Step 4: Debris Removal

Unfortunately depending on the source of water especially sewage back ups most porous items that are contaminated cannot be salvaged. For your safety and the safety of all occupants in the property, contaminated items need to be removed. The problem is that bacteria and viruses are able to live very well in anything that is porous like carpet and drywall. Leaving these structure not only could lead to unbearable odors caused by the bacteria left behind, it will most likely leave the property unsanitary and could cause illness to occupants living in the property. The Flood Team will restore what can be restored, and will highly recommend and remove what needs to be discarded.

Step 5: Pressure Cleaning & Sanitation

Our combination cleaning system ensures a clean surface with zero pathogens. We will pressure clean all surfaces and removal all sewage water.  With strong agitation, strong extraction and a pressure water rinse this cleaning process insures all organic sewage matter is removed! To make sure that not only is the area cleaned, but also all the pathogens are eliminated. We put down an anti-microbial that are green and safe and designed to kill even the toughest pathogens living on the surface.


Step 6: Structural Drying

 The drying process is very important to prevent any mold development. It also is very crucial to have everything dry before the restoration work begins. We use our arsenal of drying machinery to achieve our goal of a dry, safe home.



Step 7: Rebuild

The Flood Team’s goal is to get your property fully restored as fast as possible. The Flood Team has preferred contractors that will handle all aspects of rebuild restoration from flooring, carpentry, painting, drywall, and much more!  This service is optional, if you have a contractor that you work with then that’s great, if not we got you covered!


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