The Flood Team knows how to restore your business and get you back to pre-loss condition fast. This means reduced costs and less downtime. All of that means you can be back up and running sooner so your business’ bottom line isn’t affected. Every second your business has to be closed due to a water loss is costing you money. Whenever possible we can work with you so that your business can stay open during the remediation.

Working Around your Business

Commercial water damage have  a lot more variables to be considered and time is working against you. We work with your business to find the best solution and fix the problems before they become issues. Most water damage companies aren’t equipped to handle a large water damage loss. It takes skill and experience to know how to orchestrate a large job. If this isn’t done correctly you could be looking at longer downtimes and higher bills because of secondary damages.

We can even do most of our work after hours if your business needs to be running during the day. Our skilled professionals can be available for you 24/7 to make sure that the job gets done right the first time without making your business close down. We understand that anytime you are closed it keeps you from helping your customers, and you still have all of your expenses. This double whammy can really hurt a business. We work with you to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Start with a Free Moisture Evaluation

Water hides and we know how to find it. It may be in your ceiling, behind your display cases, or even underneath a factory machine. If you don’t find all of the water it can lead to mold and further damage. The only way to find all of the water effecting your business is to do a moisture evaluation. The Flood Team does free moisture evaluations 24/7. We’ll come out day or night to find out how much your business is affected. We’ll tell you where the water is and what it will take to fix it. Our team uses the latest and most advanced technology to find all of the water damage in your business.

Contact Us today or call for a Free Commercial Water Damage Evaluation at (314) 729-0233.  Any delay will cost you more money. Our certified specialists are prepared to help no matter the amount of water damage to your commercial property.

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