Commercial mold removal can be a big job. Mold is dangerous to your employee’s health and can cause expensive damage in your business. When mold grows, it releases toxins into the air. These toxins can damage your business, your products and be harmful to your customers and employees. When mold attacks your business, we can eliminate it.

Commercial Mold Removal Process

Since mold usually can’t be cleaned we’ll make sure it is all removed. We use advanced equipment and trained technicians to make sure all mold and affected materials are removed safely and professionally.

Not all companies are capable of working in a large commercial setting. The Flood Team knows how to work with businesses to make sure you can continue working. Any downtime costs you money, and we’ll make sure to keep that from happening. The Flood Team will come out anytime day or night to evaluate the problem and get your business the help it needs.

Call today for a Free Evaluation at (314) 729-0233.  Any delay will cost you more money. Our certified technicians are prepared to help no matter the extent of the mold damage to your commercial property.

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