Water Removal Service Carpet and Pad

Water Removal Out of Carpet & Pad

Water Removal can be a major pain especially when your dealing with flooded carpet and pad. In this short video we will be walking through the The Flood Team’s professional water removal  process which can remove up too 97% of water out of your carpet and pad.


         When water floods carpet and pad, it is very difficult to get enough suction to pull the water through carpet and too the padding that is underneath. The padding under the carpet is like a giant sponge and will hold most of the water saturation.  The Flood Team has seen it all and people have tried it all. For instance we realize that one thing people will want to do is try and pull the carpet back to get to expose the pad and perform an extraction with a shop vac or rug extraction machine that is possible but the more widespread the water damage to the carpet and pad the more of an exhausting and impossible challenge that would become to pull the entire carpet back to a room and you run a high risk of permanently damaging the carpet in the process. Carpet looses 80% of its strength while wet so trying to manipulate the carpet, you can easily pull out fibers and rip the backing of the carpet causing the carpet to unravel.


    The Flood Team uses what is called a weighted extraction tool for as one of it’s water removal services and this  extraction tool is actually something a person stands on while performing extraction. The tool allows the rider to go over the entire carpet removing more water than any tool in the industry. Even with the most powerful tools in the industry it can take several passes over the carpet to remove all the water out.

Now as great as some these professionals tools are unfortunately not all carpet pad can be saved, that is because some padding has what is called a vapor barrier over it. A vapor barrier is a thin plastic film over the foam pad. This can be confirmed by scratching the top of the pad to see if a plastic film can be removed. Vapor barriers are made to help small spills and pet urine from penetrating the pad. Unfortunately when your carpet pad is flooded and it has vapor barrier it most likely cannot be saved and must be removed. So its important to check the carpet pad before any extraction begins.


Why water removal out of your carpet and pad is critical!

  1. Water sitting for a long enough period of time can cause staining to your carpet!
  2. Water that is not removed can easily begin to wick up walls and furniture  causing additional damages
  3. Depending on the type of carpet and pad the carpet can grow MOLD in the dirt of your carpet and the carpet and pad itself.
  4. Smell after so many days not removing the water fast enough just like a wet sock bacteria in the water will begin to build up in the water causing foul odors that are not enjoyable.
  5. Your health. Depending on the type of water and how long it sits microbial growth can occur through the affected area cause complications to some people health.


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