What IICRC Training Means for You

Today we’re going to discuss what IICRC training means for you. As a customer it is important to make sure that you work with a qualified professional. In order to do this a training standard must be set. This standard is set by the IICRC. Working with an IICRC certified technician helps make sure the … Continued

Category One

Today we’re going to get back to basics. Category one water damage. This is the basic kind of water damage and the type we run into most often. So what is it? Category one water is water damage resulting from fresh water. It’s the water that’s coming from your faucet. Because it is so common … Continued


The IICRC is the regulatory group that sets the standard for water restoration professionals. It stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They are a non-profit organization that serves many countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. They are also recognized as a knowledgeable resource for … Continued

Cross Contamination

Cross contamination can be a big problem when it comes to water damage. The other day someone suggested we do a YouTube video about how to stop cross contamination and we’re not quite ready to do that yes, so we thought we’d make a blog post about it in the mean time. So let’s start … Continued

Water Removal

Water Removal is the basis of our business. Our company prides itself in only doing water removal and water damage loss. Though water remediation seems like it’s only a small business, it actually can involve a lot of different work. best custom writing Sources of water damage vary from natural disasters to faulty faucets. One … Continued


  How do we do such good work? How do we keep customers satisfied and referring us again and again? It’s because we use the science of psychrometry to make sure our work is top notch. Psychrometry is the study of the relationship between air and water vapor. This study helps us as water restoration … Continued

Mold Safety

Do you know that mold is harmful to your health? I bet you did, but do you know why? For most people this is a harder question to answer. The reason mold is harmful to your health is as mold grows it releases spores into the air that are toxic to humans. They release spores … Continued


Our company is getting so organized! We started having weekly meetings last week so everyone at the company can be on the same page. This way if there is a common learning opportunity among our employees we can grow and learn together. Tomorrow is week two of our weekly meetings, and we’re going to do … Continued

Technology Updates

The Flood Team is moving into the new century. We always pride ourselves on being in the forefront of technology so we’re happy to announce some more advancements. We had been using a few tablets to run our specially made management system, and we loved the results so much that we got some more. Now … Continued

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