How do we do such good work? How do we keep customers satisfied and referring us again and again? It’s because we use the science of psychrometry to make sure our work is top notch. Psychrometry is the study of the relationship between air and water vapor. This study helps us as water restoration … Continued

Specialty Floor Drying

So when we rearranged the shop we had to work with all of our specialty drying equipment. What is specialty drying equipment you ask? It is, in short, equipment used to dry specialty surfaces like hardwood and tile. Because of the way these surfaces are installed in a home or commercial building they cannot be … Continued

Mold Safety

Do you know that mold is harmful to your health? I bet you did, but do you know why? For most people this is a harder question to answer. The reason mold is harmful to your health is as mold grows it releases spores into the air that are toxic to humans. They release spores … Continued


We did it! We reorganized the whole warehouse! About two weeks ago we started the process. See we have been getting busier and busier and needed more room for our equipment. So we purchased a bunch of matching shelves to make sure every square foot counts. We actually found we have more space than we … Continued

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