Water Loss Related Injury

Do you know what the number one water damage related injury we see is? Slip and fall. It may sound silly, but in moving from a dry to wet area the slipperiness of the floor changes. Though a change in slipperiness is something that we can usually navigate, sometimes gravity gets the better of us. … Continued

Flash Floods

Hello everyone. Recently there has been a lot of rain and flash flooding, and we wanted to give you a few reminders about how to protect yourself from water damage during these severe weather times. 1. If you have a sump pump please make sure you are using it in accordance with the factory directions. … Continued


Our company is getting so organized! We started having weekly meetings last week so everyone at the company can be on the same page. This way if there is a common learning opportunity among our employees we can grow and learn together. Tomorrow is week two of our weekly meetings, and we’re going to do … Continued

Technology Updates

The Flood Team is moving into the new century. We always pride ourselves on being in the forefront of technology so we’re happy to announce some more advancements. We had been using a few tablets to run our specially made management system, and we loved the results so much that we got some more. Now … Continued

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